Financial Planning


Effective financial planning always starts with the same First Step: Setting Goals. Tandem Financial will sit down with you and your significant other to help determine where you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years and well into retirement. We help you dive into important, and many times difficult, questions about your life and future so you can effectively organize and plan your finances to accommodate you as well as your children.

Cash Flow Planning

As the basis of all finance – whether personal or business – understanding cash flow and budgeting can sometimes be the most difficult thing for clients. Tandem takes this off a client’s plate so they can instead focus on making (and spending!) their money.

Retirement Plan

Tandem frequently helps clients choose from multiple retirement plans that best suit their needs. As they pay into these plans, we ensure every client is minimizing taxes paid and maximizing contributions. And upon retirement, we alleviate stress by planning strategic distributions.

Milestone Events

Purchasing your first new car, planning a wedding, retirement or welcoming a child are just some of life’s biggest milestones. Tandem is here to help our clients plan for and navigate these life-changing events.

Estate Planning

Protecting and providing for loved ones is an extremely important piece of wealth transfer. Tandem performs trust reviews to determine ownership of assets and liabilities, manages health/financial powers of attorney for children 18+, and performs annual beneficiary reviews.

Financial Independence

Many of our younger clients don’t believe in traditional retirement. We can help build a financial plan that shows them when and how they can become financially independent. With this independence comes greater freedom and choice - a desire many clients seek.

Education Planning

As education costs continue to rise, planning ahead for a child’s future has become more important than ever. Tandem can help families evaluate costs and create a detailed, year-over-year plan to pay for both primary and higher education, whether public or private.

Tax Planning

As finances grow more complex, unfortunately so does the tax liability. Tandem helps clients estimate, and then plan for these costs so when April rolls around, there are no surprises.

Insurance Analysis

From homeowners, umbrella and disability to life and long-term care, insurance can add up and become a costly personal expense. Tandem will analyze all insurance liabilities and ensure a client is properly covered and prepared to pay that expense – now and in the future.

Student Loans

Student Loans can be a burden to pay off, and understanding how to pay them down strategically can make all the difference when it comes to managing your money. We can provide guidance when it comes to putting together a multi-year plan to pay off your student loans.

Buying A Home

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting times in your life - and it can also be one of the most stressful. As your financial partner, we can help you prepare to make sure your credit score is in good shape, your debts are paid down and you are in the best possible situation when you are ready to buy a house.