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Working Together to Reach your Financial Goals

A Personal Approach from an Experienced Team

With over 75 years combined experience in the financial services industry, Tandem Financial has worked on financial strategies for a wide array of clients. Our investment philosophy is simple: we believe in smart investments that produce steady, deliberate growth. We believe managing your finances is about partnering with a company you trust – working in tandem to reach your financial goals.

What We Do

What We Do

Tandem Financial is a full-service financial advisory firm specializing in all aspects of personal finance including, but not limited to, financial planning, wealth management, and ancillary services coordination.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

With over 75+ years combined experience in the financial services industry, Tandem is made up of experienced professionals with varying skill sets to ensure every detail of your personal finances is covered.

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How We Do It

How we Do It

Our investment philosophy is simple: we believe in smart investments that produce steady, deliberate growth. Our more traditional, yet effective, investment style continually provides the results and stability many individuals and families are seeking.

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It’s not just your money. It’s your future.

We believe personal finance is all about getting personal. It’s a privilege to be allowed into our client’s lives and families, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We understand that financial management and planning for the future can be stressful. That's why one of our primary goals is to get to know our clients and ensure they feel completely comfortable with us. Developing long-term relationships is our first priority. We connect with our clients on a deeper level – understanding their goals, dreams and future plans – so we can help them plan, manage and ultimately achieve them.

Manage Your Money Using the Best Technology.

All Tandem Financial Clients have access to state-of-the-art financial management software to make keeping track of your finances easier than ever. Our Client Portal allows you to link any outside investment accounts, see your bank values, keep track of your mortgage payments, and track your 401K and  credit cards. It's a one-stop, shop for everything in your financial life. Plus, we'll have access to and insight into your finances so we can help guide you and provide advice every step of the way.

Our Services

Tandem Financial is a full-service financial advisory firm. No matter the stage of life or situation, we help our clients organize, manage and grow their money while at the same time plan for the future. And we don't stop there. We go beyond financial management and act as a liaison between all other professional services our clients require. Our goal is to work in Tandem with you to ensure your short-term and long-term financial goals are established and ultimately met.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be extremely stressful. At Tandem, we help alleviate that stress by considering all aspects of a client’s financial needs after retirement including living expenses, insurance, taxes and long-term care.

Estate PLanning

Protecting and providing for loved ones is an extremely important piece of wealth transfer. Tandem helps clients uncover every aspect of their estate, including all assets and liabilities, to ensure they are prepared no matter what.


Many of our younger clients don’t believe in traditional retirement. We can help build a financial plan that shows them when and how they can become financially independent. With this independence comes greater freedom and choice - a desire many clients seek.

Education Planning

As education costs continue to rise, planning ahead for a child’s future has become more important than ever. Tandem can help families evaluate costs and create a detailed, year-over-year plan to pay for both public and private education.

Tax Planning

As finances grow more complex, unfortunately so does the tax liability. Tandem helps clients estimate, and then plan for these costs so when April rolls around, there are no surprises.

Cash Flow Analysis

As the basis of all finance – whether personal or business – understanding cash flow can sometimes be the most difficult thing for clients. Tandem takes this off a client’s plate so they can instead focus on making (and spending!) their money.

Account Reviews

Finances can become more complex over time with investment accounts, 401K’s, savings accounts – and the list continues. Tandem reviews accounts with clients and helps them create a consolidated plan for managing these accounts moving forward.

Account Aggregation

Tandem partners with financial software company Advyzon to provide all clients with a consolidated view of their finances including bank accounts, mortgages, investments and more.

Tax Coordination

Tandem works with CPAs and Accounting firms to fully understand a client’s tax liability in the coming year in order to best plan for it, as well as provide all necessary filing documents at year-end to make tax preparation easier than ever.

Insurance Analysis

From life to disability to long-term care, insurance can add up and become a costly personal expense. Tandem will analyze all insurance liabilities and ensure a client is properly covered and prepared to pay that expense – now and in the future.

Legal Coordination

Tandem works with a client’s legal partners to ensure estate plans, in particular, are seamlessly integrated with all assets and liabilities.

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