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May 28, 2021

May 28, 2021 -- Effective July 1, 2021, Maddock Financial LLC will be merging with Tandem Financial LLC. The partnership between the two Colorado-based financial planning and wealth management firms will allow their clients to benefit from a broader team of financial experts, enjoy elevated customer service, and access state-of-the-art financial technology.

Maddock Financial founder Bradly Maddock has been exploring ways to merge with another wealth management firm for over 10 years. “The financial advisory industry has been consolidating at a rapid pace for several years,” said Bradly. “Unfortunately, I believe this consolidation has benefited the industry more than the client, as big money from Wall Street has been focused on the bottom line versus continuing the quality of the client relationship.”  

Like Maddock Financial, Tandem Financial serves as a fiduciary to their clients and offers a wide range of financial services from estate planning to investment management. Ryan Erickson and Michael Franklin founded Tandem Financial in 2017 after meeting at American Express Financial Advisors. Ryan and Michael helped build one of the largest wealth management firms in the Denver Metro area before leaving to start Tandem Financial. Ryan brings a vast depth of financial experience starting with his Finance degree from the University of Denver, and then running the financial planning department for American Express Financial Advisors. Ryan serves as CEO and senior financial advisor for Tandem Financial.   Michael Franklin obtained his psychology degree from Louisiana College and spent several years post-college working with at-risk families and homeless children. Pulled by his passion for helping people, Michael chose to move into the financial services industry in late 1999, and serves as Chief Compliance Officer and senior financial advisor for Tandem Financial.

Bradly Maddock will be joining Tandem Financial as Chief Investment Officer and Tandem Financial will be moving their office location to Greenwood Village, CO. “I look forward to continuing my high school dream that started over 40 years ago to be a financial advisor,” said Bradly, “with the help of the highly qualified team of financial professionals at Tandem Financial LLC.”


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