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Tandem Financial

One Year in Business

March 25, 2019

Tandem Financial was formed in March 2017.  We just recently passed our one-year mark,but Tandem was really built and formed over our previous 18 plus years of experience in the financial planning and wealth management industry.  

The Early Years

I started my career in my mid 20’s but Ryan actually started his career in his teens while attending the University of Denver.  Over those years we’ve seen and experienced an industry in change and at times chaos, with the Tech melt down in early 2000, to the events of 911, to the financial crisis of 2008 and now one of the longest bull markets in history.  While many of the past events were difficult as was the decision to form Tandem Financial, we’ve never been more excited about ours and our client’s futures.

The Future is Now

We’ve been able to take our years of experience and pour that into this brand-new venture with new technology and fewer limitations on how often and how we communicate with clients. We can text with our clients and are rolling out new client review methods including video.  Almost everything we do is or can be mobile with us meeting you, the client, where you live.  No longer do you have to carve hours out of your day driving to and from our meetings.  We shape our communications and how we meet with our clients to fit their schedule and how they want communications to be delivered.

Who We Work With

We don’t have investment minimums.  This was a deliberate decision we made for our new firm after having experienced the humiliation for being criticized for bringing on clients that were deemed “too small”.  We didn’t think the size of a client’s portfolio should dictate whether they should receive top notch service and advice from two seasoned veterans in the industry.  We both got into this business to help people and that is exactly what our mission is today, to work in “Tandem” with our clients so they don’t have to go it alone. We believe in this mission.  It’s why we get up happy every day and go to bed satisfied every evening.

The Reason for Our Success

We didn’t see success on our own.  We have a lot of individuals and companies who shared their wisdom, their guidance, and their encouragement with us. They kept telling us this is a very good thing we are doing. We want to thank the CPA firms, the estate attorneys, the labor attorneys and the SEC attorneys, our families, our friends and most of all our clients who trust us every day to make the best decisions for them and their lives.  While we just crossed our one year mark, we have so many wonderful years ahead and can’t wait to experience them in “Tandem” with you.

Thank you!

Michael and Ryan

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